AM 22
AM 22


The Jungheinrich AM 22 hand fork lift with a load capacity of 2200 kg is a robust and reliable premium product for daily pallet handling. It is easy to handle, maintains its service life and is durable.

. Ergonomic and two-handed operation
. Optimized hydraulics for less effort
. Durable through robust materials and stable processing
. Maintenance-free through permanently lubricated connections
. Special lowering valve for particularly sensitive lowering

The Jungheinrich AM 22 hand fork lift with a lifting capacity of 2200 kg is a branded product with proven quality and high-quality equipment.
The patented and ergonomic Jungheinrich operating concept allows the drawbar to be operated from any position and is equally suitable for right-handed and left-handers. All functions are easy to operate with one hand. Thanks to the special lowering valve, sensitive loads can be set off in a particularly controlled and sensitive manner.

You can use the hand fork lift truck maintenance-free thanks to permanently lubricated connections and maintenance-free pump hydraulics.
The maximum stability and longevity is ensured by high-performance steel, recessed shapes and a welded drawbar support.
The protected inlet rollers and the rounded fork tips make entry and exit into the pallet particularly easy and comfortable.

The handheld Jungheinrich AM 22 hand truck with 1150 mm boom length and 2200 kg load capacity is offered in various wheel configurations. Depending on the soil conditions and application area, you can choose between different roll materials. In addition, the fork rollers are available in single or tandem configurations.

The Jungheinrich AM 22 hand-operated trolley with a load capacity of 2200 kg and standard fork length of 1150 mm is the ideal partner for daily pallet transport.

AM 22
Drive mode
Operation mode
Load capacity / rated load
2200 kg
Load centre distance
600 mm
1110 mm
Front tread width
109 mm
Rear tread width
370 mm
Service weight
58 kg
Axle load without load front / rear
38 / 20 kg
Steering / drive tyres size
Ø 170 x 50
Load tyres size
Ø 82 x 96
205 mm
Height, lowered
83 mm
Height of tiller in drive position min / max
1234 mm
Overall lenght
1520 mm
Length to face of forks
373 mm
Overall width
520 mm
Fork dimensions
53 / 150 / 1150 mm
Width across forks
520 mm
Ground clearance centre of wheelbase
30 mm
Aisle width (pallet 1000×1200 sideways)
1734 mm
Aisle width (pallet 800x1200 length)
1784 mm
Turning radius
1274 mm
Lowering speed, laden / unladen
0.09 / 0.02 m/s
Lift truck material
Grease nipple

Hand pallet truck Jungheinrich AM 22, capacity 2200 kg, forks length 1150 mm

Strong pallet truck with long life (2200 kg)

  • Ergonomic control element can be operated with either hand
  • Optimised hydraulics for reduced effort
  • Durable through robust materials and solid construction

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