The BASIC hydraulic stacker truck with telescopic mast is the affordable entry-level model for occasional stacking operations

You can lift pallets either using the foot pedal or by pumping the reinforced tiller. The load can be lowered with fully variable precision via the hand lever on the tiller head. The tiller handle is rubberised for maximum comfort, which is particularly welcome in colder temperatures.

The large tubular push handles on the steel frame are mounted at the perfect height for easy manoeuvring. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the truck can be operated safely in the even the tightest of spaces. The low height of the BASIC hydraulic stacker truck with the mast retracted allows it to fit through virtually any door.

The welded frame with central support and load forks made from torsion-resistant sectional steel is extremely tough and easily withstands loads of up to 1000 kg. The robustness of the truck is further enhanced by the guide profiles made from precision mast steel as well as the maintenance-free, ball-bearing-mounted guide rollers.

The telescopic mast offers a lift height of 2500 mm, allowing pallets to be easily picked up or deposited on higher levels, such is in racks. The mechanical parking brakes on both steering castors and the fixed fork wheel arms ensure maximum stability when lifting and lowering your pallets.

The metal grid fitted within the steel frame offers protection against falling objects and provides a clear view in the direction of travel.

The two large steering castors and single fork rollers are made from wear-resistant nylon, thereby ensuring extremely smooth running.

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PSM 1.0
Drive mode
Operation mode
Load capacity / rated load
1000 kg
Load centre distance
500 mm
1121 mm
Front tread width
550 mm
Rear tread width
795 mm
Service weight
290 kg
Load wheels type
Number of front / rear wheels
2 / 2
Steering / drive tyres size
Ø 180 x 50
Load tyres size
80 x 58 mm
Steering / drive wheel material
Load wheels material
Retracted mast height
1580 mm
2000 mm
Extended mast height
2370 mm
Height, lowered
85 mm
Height of tiller in drive position min / max
1570 mm
Overall lenght
1570 mm
Overall width
810 mm
Fork dimensions
60 / 160 / 1150 mm
Width across forks
550 mm
Aisle width (pallet 1000×1200 sideways)
2000 mm
Aisle width (pallet 800x1200 length)
2000 mm
Turning radius
1380 mm
Parking brake
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  • Hand stacker BASIC PSM 1.0, capacity 1000 kg, lift height 2000 - 2500 mm

    • Low-maintenance
    • Robust structure
    • Loads can be raised via the tiller or foot pedal
    • Rubberized tiller handle
    • Maximum stability even under heavy loads

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