Headquartered in Hamburg, Jungheinrich AG is a world leader in providing solutions in all aspects and logistics areas within. Over 60 years, questions and wishes of the customers are in our attention.

On August 7, 1953, Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich set up a successful company in a small workshop with 30 employees in the Barmbek district of Hamburg. Currently, we have over 16,000 Jungheinrich employees in 39 countries - over 5,500 in Germany alone - for change, implementation and where the best in-house logistics solutions can be used.

To this end, we offer you a complete range of products: from the use of conventional on-site transportation to fully automated logistics systems with intelligent software solutions, care interconnects equipment, systems and processes - many other innovative service and financing packages, care can be flexible combination. For the highest transfer capacity and the most efficient flow of goods.

In June 2016, an official opening took place at the headquarters in Tătărani, Prahova. Currently, the group has offices in 40 countries and is promoted in approximately 80 countries in partnership.

In May 2019, a place of official opening was the smallest of the headquarters in the Jungheinrich Group in Romania, in Gilău, Cluj. We have proposed to come closer to our clients, through which important sediments can be made in the immediate vicinity of the municipality of Cluj, a city in the growth of economic growth.

In the future, the proper storage technique, concepts and implementation of solutions in the form of unitary systems will continue to be processed, used and used. With us there is everything in terms of reliability and sub-competencies: unitary feature, long-term availability and the benefits that can be directly distributed are the mainstays of our companies.

We think visionary, do not take on any challenge and find all the optimal solutions for the respective company. You can rely on our knowledge and face over 60 years as a service provider to provide complete solutions in the field of domestic logistics.

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