Reliable industry standard for continuous use in everyday pallet transportation.

The Ameise® hand pallet truck with standard fork length and 2500 kg capacity offers robust quality for continuous daily use. This is ensured by the durable high-performance hydraulic pump made from high-quality steel with chrome-plated pressure pistons. The maintenance-free manual hydraulics are characterised by their oil-tight and waterproof hydraulic system. The sectional steel frame with its welded construction is torsion-free and extremely hard-wearing, thus allowing the pallet truck to retain its shape even under the heaviest loads. A reinforced tiller ensures utmost stability and safety when turning and maneuver the truck. Grease nipples are provided for easy maintenance.

The ergonomic handle allows you to raise, move and lower your pallets with ease. The lowering speed of the load can be adjusted with fully variable precision via the hand lever. The tiller features a 210° steering angle, allowing the Ameise® pallet truck to be maneuvered with ease in even the tightest of spaces. The fork tips feature additional entry and exit rollers for easy insertion and retraction from the pallet.

The Ameise® hand pallet truck with standard fork length is available with a range of different tires and roller types. A solid steel parking brake is available as an optional accessory and is ideal for securing loads on sloping surfaces.

Thanks to its reliability, tried-and-tested quality, the Ameise® hand pallet truck with 1150 mm fork length and 2500 kg capacity has established itself as the industry standard. Order the all-rounder from our shop in your desired configuration.

PTM 2.5
Drive mode
Operation mode
Load capacity / rated load
2500 kg
Load centre distance
600 mm
1218 mm
Service weight
70 kg
Load wheels type
Single / Tandem
Steering / drive tyres size
Ø 200 x 50
200 mm
Height, lowered
85 mm
Lifting range
85 - 200 mm
Lifting height per pump stroke
7.5 mm
Pumping strokes max lifting height
Height of tiller in drive position min / max
1250 mm
Overall lenght
1540 mm
Length to face of forks
390 mm
Overall width
540 mm
Fork dimensions
48 / 160 / 1150 mm
Width across forks
540 mm
Ground clearance centre of wheelbase
37 mm
Aisle width (pallet 800x1200 length)
1792 mm
Turning radius
1275 mm
Lowering speed, laden / unladen
0,09 / 0,02 m/s
Lift truck material
Grease nipple
Driving distance
short distance

Hand pallet truck Ameise® PTM 2.5, capacity 2500 kg, forks length 1150 mm

  • Durable high-performance hydraulic pump
  • Low maintenance thanks to grease nipples
  • Reinforced sectional steel frame effectively retains its shape
  • Easy to maneuver in the tightest of spaces
  • Easy pallet insertion thanks to entry rollers on fork tips

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